Great staff, awesome selections! Couldn't ask for more as they are ordering what they didn't have in stock for my daughter

Nathan Detloff

Hidden gem!! Eclectic little store with a nice vibe. Good prices, picked up 2 albums. Informative and courteous young man working today. We will definitely be back to explore.

Sue Garcia

Love this place they have almost everything I bought my Son a casette player radio and a bunch of Cassettes he loves them and so much more records record players etc

Elizabeth Weaver

Nice selection, good quality, excellent customer service. Definitely will return!

Jeffrey Costa

Amazing! Amazing staff, amazing prices and amazing selection!

James Addison

Best vinyl shop in the area. Owner is super cool to chat with. I try to visit as often as I can to buy and trade vinyls. Also stocking stereo equipment if you're looking for a new audio setup.

Danny Meyers

Cute little record store with incense, clothes and other novelties. It's wonderful to support a local business bc they need it the most right now! Just a chill vibe in there and friendly employees always.

Heather Frizzell

The owners are great people, they're friendly and make you feel welcome. They have a unique variety of items and seem to keep adding new things often as well. This is one of my favorite places in Lapeer.


Awesome store! It has everything including old hard to find albums on vinyl, cd etc.
I think it's extra cool how it has a stage for bands to play acoustic sets in the store some days. Awesome radio station in there too that helps local bands with free airplay.

Widget Rex

This store is that one place you never knew you needed in your life until it opened. It almost makes me want to take up smoking again! Their prices are great, and makes my little tie dyed hippie heart sing.

Melanie Williamson

Great store, awesome customer service. Didn't have an album I was looking for, so Denny had it ordered. Super cool chillchillaxed atmosphere. 5 out 5, would highly recommend.

Jeremy Grahl

This place is awesome! Good prices, lots of cool stuff. I definitely recommend this place if your looking for music or smoke apparel and even articles of clothing to

Salazar Warlok