Searching for Concert Tees, Clothing, Body Jewelry or Lava Lamps?

Visit our novelty store in Lapeer, MI

Ready to add another vintage t-shirt, concert t-shirt or stylish beanie to your collection? Visit Happy Daze Records & More in Lapeer, MI. Our novelty store has everything from vintage clothing to crystals for sale. We have no doubt you'll find the wackiest and most rad pieces of clothing and jewelry at our novelty store.

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Our novelty store has a little bit of everything and a lot of some things

Are you looking for a novelty store where you can spend the whole day browsing? Visit Happy Daze Records & More. We offer a wide variety of:

  • Vintage clothing
  • Concert t-shirts
  • Vulgar clothing with funny sayings
  • Body jewelry, fake lashes and makeup
  • Purses, backpacks and satchels
  • Beanies, scarves and socks
  • Lava lamps, penis candles, sage, crystals and sex games

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