Guest Co-Host: Eddie Lane (Thrown to the Wolf & Strange Brood)
2nd Hour: Dark Eyed Dreamers
Collect Call: Kari Holmes
3rd Hour: Plethora
Surprise Scream: Steve Salter
Host: Reverend Four Names
Producer: Sean Cantwell
Staff: Marc Morin

TLS Playlist for 4/15/17:

Cost of Attrition- There You Go
Gods Made Love- Velvet Baby
The 99- Loud and Clear (Spotlight)
Tripp 'N' Dixie- Ten Year Funk
Cash O'Riley- Tennessee Naughty Water
Plain Faces- Last Letter (Live Scream)
David Wells- Just Say No (Flashback)
David Wells- Land Of The Free (Flashback)
Steve Salter- Saltlick Boogie
Jason Charles Band- When I Saw You
The Pole Barn Rebels- Ain't No Thinkin' When You're Drinkin'
Dark Eyed Dreamers- Side Effects
Dark Eyed Dreamers- So The Story Goes
Dark Eyed Dreamers- Zombie
Chris Eilersen- Her Light
Absorbed- No Lives Matter
Pestilent Age- Forging A New Land
PLeThorA- 'Murica
PLeThorA- Flint Tumbleweed
PLeThorA- Banana Song (w/Steve Salter)